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Sherrie Patterson - Essential Development & Coaching
Sherrie Patterson – Essential Development & Coaching

Coaching is the fast track to creating what you want most in your life. It is an invitation to live an “unreasonable” life, to go beyond living by circumstances, the narratives that don’t serve you, and the limits and beliefs that get in your way. It is about being the bold leader of your life intentionally creating the life you want and doing the work that will create it. This requires… Clarity, a Map, Action, Support, Growth, and Transformation.

If you want something to be different, it requires that you do something different to create it. Coaching is about going from where you are now to where you want to be and working through what gets in your way while you are creating it. The things that get in your way are the blind spots, the things that you are unaware of but others can see, those automatic ways you have of doing things, where you stop, your beliefs that you may not even be aware of. The tricky part is you can only work on what you are aware of and can see, and this is not usually the thing that gets in our way. This is why working alone or reading a book usually has little impact. The reality for most is you have a great intention to start, to really do it this time, and then life happens and things stays the same.

Nobody needs a coach, and it is my belief that everyone would benefit from working with one. Coaches are no longer reserved for the executives and elite athletes. My intention is that coaching becomes mainstreamed and is something that everyone considers and embraces vs going it alone. So, if you are ready to take your life to the next level of success and you know there are areas that you want to grow and change, then working with a coach may be perfect for you. Remember, what got you here is unlikely to get you there. That next level will require new skills, ways of being, and actions. If this is the right time for you to move your life forward….having both a lifestyle and work that you love, let’s talk and see what is possible.

Who I Work With

I enjoy working with all individuals, but specialize in the following.

Business Leaders

As a small business owner you have worked hard to get where you are and now you are ready for more.  It might be increasing your bottom line, creating more life outside of work, or a better work environment.  Here is the thing, to get to this next level of success will require a different skill set, mind set, and way of showing up.  If you are ready to get clear about what this next level is, understand what is getting in your way, and develop and implement a plan to create this result then let’s have a conversation.

Educational Leaders

As a leader in education, it is critical that you deliver your best self to your staff, students, and family consistently. Often your life outside of school and your family are the ones that get what is left over, which can be little if you are not very intentional in developing a different mindset and skill set, particularly in reference to how you have conversations and self lead through challenging situations. My experience as a teacher and principal give me unique insight into supporting you in creating the results you want, breaking through what is getting in your way, and changing the climate of education.

The Process

Want – We meet to create a clear outcome as your starting point. This starts with knowing what you want and where you want to be.  This boils down to your heartset, your mindset, and your skillset.

Clarity – Create a clear picture of your future vision and purpose driven life.  Again this is knowing what you want, why you want it, what you stand for and who you are.  This is project design from the future to create the lifestyle you want and the true reason why you want it.

Mindset Foundation – These are the agreements and perception that you have in your life. This includes the meaning, values, words and beliefs you have in your life.  We work through the process of taking ownership of your actions, being held accountable and ultimately rewriting your story.

Conversation Training – We are all responsible for the conversations we have with one other in life and in business. When we focus on the words we are saying, it is easy to identify how we are using words to lift ourselves up, or bring ourselves down.  Through setting intention and understanding your impact, we can create a language of influence and how to say things so other people can here it.

On-Going Coaching – I will help coach you through the entire process of changing your belief systems to help you create what you want. In this process, we work together to identify your stops and limiting beliefs, as well as the language you use in your every day life.  We will cover the breakdowns and breakthroughs and how to move from doing to being.

Live Your Life Intentionally


Gain the knowledge you need to excel.


Apply that information to your every day life.

Living It

Live your life in your design.

Choose to Design Your Life

My commitment to you-is to partner with you to create your best life, that honors all of you. Life gets a lot more fun and easy when you show up fully, as who you truly are and are ready to play full out. So, as a person, professional, business leader what is possible for you? If this is your time and you are ready, perhaps you don’t know how yet, but you are ready, connect with me and let’s talk about what is possible.