About Me

I enjoy providing breakthrough moments

About Me

So glad you are still here and curious to know more. If you have come this far you probably resonate with directness….some might say boldness, a little sass, and a love for life and all it has to offer. Or you could be slightly appalled and intrigued by someone who has a slight potty mouth and the desire to do things differently. Either way, I am glad you are here so come on in.

Much of my adult life has been spent striving and working towards the next goal, degree, certification, promotion, etc. always looking towards the next accomplishment, the thing that would bring me happiness and fulfillment. I worked really, really hard and I was tired. But, here is the thing, once I got there the contentment quickly faded and I was looking for the next achievement to feel good again. What I realized was I was living a lot of my life in the past beating myself up for the things I didn’t do “right” and in the future looking for that “thing” that would fill me up. I was not living a life I loved; I was doing what I thought I was “supposed to”. The bottom line is I often felt stuck, not good enough, alone, going through the motions, and at the same time, with a strong knowing that there had to be more and a better way of doing things.

I was right, there is a different way and the journey is not for the faint of heart. No sh*t, no kidding transforming your life is not always easy or fun but it is so worth it. My journey really began with finally surrendering, stay with me….I know this word is loaded for many people, it took me letting go of trying to control the world around me and realizing that everything begins and ends with me. I get to choose how I respond to everything and am accountable for how I show up in the world. I am responsible for my life and who I am. What I realized is what I ultimately was longing for was freedom. Yes, freedom to create my own schedule, etc, but what really mattered was freedom to be who I truly am without apologies or making myself small so others are comfortable and I am not “too much”. Freedom to create my best life without worrying about what others thought. Freedom to follow my passion without apologies.

From this place I can honestly say I love who I am, what I do, and the life I am creating. I get to work with amazing people who are having a positive impact on the world and creating the life of their dreams. Life is pretty amazing….not always easy but I am learning to do the parts that can be hard with ease….this is the surrender part, going with the flow of life vs swimming against the current. My intention is to be fully present, connect deeply, find that sweet spot with how I be and what I do, and always learn; giving myself and others grace for being human. Life is really good.

If you are interested in my formal background, here it is. I have two degrees in education, a BS degree in education from MSU in Montana, a Masters degree in Special Education from Assumption College in Massachusetts, and a School Administration Credential from Eastern University is Washington. I spent over 25 years working in education as a teacher, Ast. Principal, Principal, and adjunct college professor. I have worked in traditional education, special education, alternative education, and in grades 3-12. My less formal yet profound education has taken place over the last 10+ years training in the field of transformational education and completing a year-long leadership internship with Wings Seminars, becoming a Master Practitioner in NLP, completing a year-long professional coach training program through Accomplishment Coaching, getting certified in Conversational Intelligence, doing Enhanced Training in Narrative Coaching, and the Lap Profile.

So now, my dream life is; I have my own business, I provide leadership and personal development coaching and facilitation, lead teen leadership Seminars, and host empowerment retreats. I live in beautiful Montana, am near my family, have friends I adore, travel, and I get to work with amazing people from around the country.

My commitment to you is to partner with you to create your best life, one that honors all of you. Life gets a lot more fun and easy when you show up fully, as who you truly are and are ready to play full out. So, as a person, professional, business leader what is possible for you? If this is your time and you are ready, perhaps you don’t know how yet, but you are ready, connect with me and let’s talk about what is possible for you.

With love,



“I stir the pot with love”