Leadership Development

You are what you make

Leading With Purpose

My goal when working with people is to provide a clear picture on why they are working the way they are.  Working with intent leads to living the way you want to.  When I work with people, our work takes place over a committed period of time.  We mutually decide upon practice activities to support your new insights and learning.  We develop accountability and support systems to follow through and celebrate your successes.  I am committed to you having what you want and stand for, this often means you will get uncomfortable.

This is what I want your to know; when you begin changing, your survival mechanisms kick in to keep you safe, which leaves you right where you are.  The instinct will give you all the reasons why now is not the right time; cant’t afford it, someone won’t like it, damage a relationship, etc.

Most of this is what most people know about to some degree, and yes we don’t do it.  Working with someone makes the invisible visible and increases accountability.  You get the support and tools that you need to keep you going when your survival mechanics kick in.

Education Leadership Development

Education Leaders

As a leader in education, it is paramount that you deliver your best self to your students. I help you become clear on your teaching style, your limiting beliefs, and how to break-through those to achieve your intended results, which you can deliver to your students.  I have 24 years of education and teaching experience, and would be happy to sit down to chat with you.


Business Leaders

As a small business owner, you have put in the grind and effort to get where you are today.  Congratulations on making it to this step.  As you move forward with your business, are you looking to take your operation to the next level? I help you get clear on your desired results and create a plan of action to achieve your outcome.