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Lead with purpose

Teaching With Purpose

Teachers are the backbone of our educational system and your job is becoming more and more challenging. The expectations are increasing as your support and resources are decreasing and your students are coming to you needing so much more support, often more than you can reasonably provide. The Live and Lead with Intention Program can provide you with a new skillset and mindset so you are better able to deal with these challenges and create a life outside of school. The answer is not to keep working harder. Let’s support you in a different way, one that will make a difference both inside of school and also in the life you reclaim outside of school. Looking forward to connecting with you and talking about what how things can be different.


Educational Leaders

As the leader in your school or district, everyone is counting on you to show up fully every day regardless of what is going on. This is a tall order and one that can feel overwhelming and isolating. No one can truly understand what you deal with on a daily basis until they have been in your shoes. The BS in Leadership program is a different way of addressing the challenges you face daily. This program is about supporting you by shifting your Belief Systems (BS), developing different skills around mindset, having conversations that build trust and influence, and setting boundaries and systems that support you in being proactive so you are not going from one fire to the next. My experience as a teacher, specialist, and principal give me a unique understanding into the challenges that you are facing and allow me to support you differently. Looking forward to connecting with you, let’s talk.