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Below is a list of testimonials from clients who have worked with me in the past. I enjoy working with all clients to help them achieve their success.

When I signed up for Shake Shit Up to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. The only thing that knew is that I needed a positive change in my life. Shake Shit Up happened to be EXACTLY what I needed!! The name of this group is not named by coincidence, because it really SHOOK my WHOLE WORLD!! Sherrie is delightful and she is an incredible coach, she tested and pushed me in ways I have never been tested or pushed before. She is very gifted with her words of encouragement and her caring and loving ways of teaching. Not only did she help me recognize my fears but she gave me the tools and the steps to work past those fears. She helped me to keep my “eye on the prize,” my dream! My dream is to travel to different countries and teach English. It is something I have been dreaming of doing for most of my life and now I am FINALLY on track of making this dream a reality thanks to Sherrie and the rest of the people in our group! Not only did I have an amazing coach to walk me through the steps but the people in my group were just as amazing and supportive as Sherrie was. I had my own personal cheering squad, cheering me on through my journey towards my dream! I had a lot of breakthroughs with this group and because of those breakthroughs I feel very confident and brave to be able continue to RUN towards my dream and to push through any fears that come down my path. Thank you very much Sherrie for being that encouraging person that helped me along the way!

~Angela Maeschen

I have participated in several courses that Sherrie Patterson has offered. What I take away always surpasses my expectation. Her communication skills surpass most in her industry and she is always learning new skills to help serve her clients. She challenges you in a loving manner but more importantly you see results when you work with Sherrie. My personal life and business is changing for the better because of it. I encourage everyone to work with Sherrie when the opportunity presents itself. Just do it, you will love yourself for it.  P.S. – I surpassed my goals for growing my business in the short period of time I spent in Sherrie’s “Shake Shit Up” course. Highly recommend this course if you are looking for change in your personal life or business.

~Leslie Reeder, Real Estate Agent (Shake Sh*t Up First Time)

I have taken numerous goal setting classes along with some personal growth programs throughout the last five years. Sherrie’s courses bring much more to the table then your common coaching that you can receive in your business. Each time I work with Sherrie she helps define clarity in my life. This clarity allows me to achieve my business goals but more importantly helps me accomplish a lifestyle that I’m working towards. She teaches you life- changing communication skills which sets her courses apart from the others. If you looking to learn skills that can impact your entire life, consider sitting down with her and learning what program could be beneficial.

~Leslie Reeder, Real Estate Agent (Shake Sh*t Up Second Time)

Working with Sherrie over the course of the SSU series opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, speaking, and most importantly BEING. I loved the small group setting. We encouraged one another, challenged one another, and held one another accountable. Sherrie’s sincerity and dedication to me was apparent both in our small group sessions and on our one-on-one’s. Personal development is a life-long journey. I am SO glad I took the leap and signed up for SSU!

~Kate Neff, Nurse and Business Owner

I enjoyed the classes.  It was challenging mentally, but I felt like I grew emotionally stronger as class went on.  I feel like I have an ice foundation to move forward towards the future in a positive way, and I have really expanded my skills for problem-solving and dealing with conflicts that arise in the school situation.  I feel like I can communicate better with coworkers, and I feel like I have more positive self talk for myself. I highly recommend this class for professionals who are wanting to gain awesome skills both in their profession and for life in general.

~Caitlin Amy, Teacher (Live and Lead with Intention)

Live and Lead was money well spent!  Not only was I getting professional development, but the personal development that I got was so beneficial.  I feel like I am a better teacher, co-worker, wife, bonus Mom, daughter, sister, friend, aunt…the list goes on.  Be prepared to open yourself up to some vulnerability, be prepared to look at yourself, your students, team members, families and friends.  I don’t think you will regret it!!  Thank you again Sherrie!!

~Erika Dardis, Teacher (Live and Lead with Intention)