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Ways To Work With Me

I am so glad you are here and that you are considering leadership development and coaching as a way to continue growing and reaching your next level of success.  One of my dreams is that coaching will become the norm for any person that wants to fastback their results;  and not just for the top executives and elite athletes.

My coaching and leadership development is about creating a partnership built on trust and honesty.  I am a supporter, challenger, accountability partner, and your biggest cheerleader.   It is my belief that we can only work on what we are aware of and it is usually not what we are aware of that is getting in our way.  It is what is invisible, those things that others can see but we can’t that create stops, challenges, and issues.  This is why going it alone does not create the intended result.

There are a number of different ways that we can work together which depends on the results you want to create in your life and business.  Take a look and let’s connect to see how I might be able to support you in what you are ready to create in your life.

Signature Programs

This a great entry point into coaching and a fantastic way to get started with creating what matters to you most.  There are three programs to choose from as well as the opportunity to customize a program to meet your unique needs.  Shake Sh*t Up, Live and Lead with Intention, and BS in Leadership all have a different focus and can be the start of your self-leadership journey.

One-On-One Coaching

This is for leaders who are committed to taking their life and leadership to the next level.  Individual coaching is a commitment and requires a desire to dive in even if you are not sure how. That is where I come in.  We will work together to create clarity, grow your heart, mindset, and skillset and focus on your being and your doing.  This all works together to create the outcomes you want.

Coaching takes place over an extended period of time with weekly coaching sessions focused on projects that you identify as most important.  Together we identify what is getting in your way and do the work to shift it so you move forward empowered.


This is for the person that isn’t willing to wait, they are ready to start NOW.  We will take the entire day, 6 to 8 hours to lay the foundation for your next level of success.  This will begin with creating clarity, developing your action plan, mindset development, and your beginning action steps, all while having a really good time.  By the end of the day you will be ready, launched, and excited to continue.

Sherrie has worked with my team during a few different events and I am beyond thankful for her heart and her wisdom.  She connected emotionally with my leaders on a deep level, while at the same time empowering them.  She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and I am so thankful for her.  She is able to speak truth with love in a way that moves people towards positive change.  I cannot wait to have Sherrie come back and work with my team again.

~Molly Thibert, Small Business Owner

My life coach, Sherrie, worked with me over four years through a journey of discovery and personal growth. We did most of our sessions online while I was living in Qatar, India, or China, and occasionally when visiting the U.S. Sherrie is non-judgemental, caring, warm, flexible, and smart! She taught me to be aware of my daily language – and to steer away from the victim talk. Sherrie helped me get crystal clear on what I really wanted in life and taught me how to create step-by-step plans on how to achieve my goals. Some of my goals included “family unity, “ “being more uplifting with my colleagues,” “reducing my weight”, “mindfulness,” and “getting rid of anger issues.” Sherri taught me how to take care of the whole Lisa—in my personal life and in my professional life. She taught me how my body shuts down when angry…and what to do instead. On the professional side as a school principal, head of school, and program manager, Sherrie assisted me when I needed to brainstorm confidential information to help create workable solutions. She also helped me find good resources to read, which helped me on my journey to understand myself better, and make changes that I need to make. Sherrie was a game changer for me. My husband, mother, and family of five children noticed a difference from my working with Sherrie. And results are why I continued working with her for four years.

~Lisa Lucas, Educational Leader

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